Board of Directors

Peter Lynch, President, Shoreham, VT -Founder and Executive Director, Green Across the Pacific, Inc.,  Shoreham, VT Andreas Nolte, Chair, Burlington, VT Eric Knudsen, Vice-Chair, South Burlington, VT -Attorney at Law, Langrock Sperry & Wool, Burlington, VT Rachel Winer, Secretary, Burlington, VT -Graduate Student, St. Michael's College, Colchester, VT Thomas Merkel, Parent of GATP Alumn, Fair Haven, VT -Owner, Steiger Supply Co., Rutland, VT Reiko Kida, Parent of GATP alumn, Essex Junction, VT -Translation & Language Instruction, Winooski, VT Meagan Van Woert, Fairfield, VT -Product Manager,, Burlington, VT Ben Steele, Burlington, VT July Sanders, Burlington, VT -Co-founder, Magnolia Bistro, Burlington, VT Andreas Nolte, Jericho, VT -Teacher, Burlington High School, Burlington, VT John Rouleau, Burlington, VT -Head of School Emeritus, Rock Point School, Burlington, VT

Consulting Board Members

Zeng Yixin, Tokyo, Japan -Analyst, Morgan Stanley

H. Calvin Place, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA -Trustee and Investment Advisor

Honorary Board of Directors

David Winer, Shelburne, VT -President, BEDCO, Inc., Shelburne, VT
  • Peter Shumlin, Governor, State of Vermont
  • Shinji Hirai, Governor, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
  • Jim Douglas, Governor, State of Vermont
  • Howard Dean, MD, Governor, State of Vermont
  • Wu Yingmin, Principal, Affiliated High School of South China Normal University (Hua Shi Fu Zhong), Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC
  • James D. Lazell, PhD, Founder and President, The Conservation Agency, Jamestown, RI
  • Richard Taylor, Wildlife Management, Texas Rancher, Mason, TX

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