Who Are We

Our Programs

Green Across the Pacific is unique because our programs are
  • True reciprocal exchanges, with visits to China or Japan and North America.
  • Ones in which students and teachers work and learn together.
  • Ones in which cultural exchange is facilitated by focusing on a field of common interest.
  • Enhanced by a collaboration of state and private institutions, business groups and concerns in Vermont, and an equivalent collaboration in China and Japan.

Our goals are to...

  • Develop leadership skills among students through a balanced and detailed study of current environmental topics.
  • Create and maintain a community for cultural exchange and understanding among Chinese, or Japanese, and American students, teachers, field scientists and business people through study of a common interest.
  • Inform public debate about current environmental topics while increasing awareness about the significance of China's development.
  • Increase interest in Asia and environmental studies among American students and educators.
  • Provide American, Chinese and Japanese students and educators with...
    • an overview of natural history and resource management in China, Japan and the United States with a special emphasis on South China, Tottori Prefecture and Vermont.
    • an understanding of the methods, interested parties, and politics involved in natural resource management in South China, Tottori, and Vermont.

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