Host Family Experience

Students who participate in our programs stay with a Host Family through much of their experience. IMG_2422Whether they are in China, Japan, or Vermont - students get to immerse themselves in a completely different culture through the generosity and hospitality of a host family.  All of our host families love having students stay with them.  Whether in Vermont or one of our partnering regions - it is quite an experience! If you live in the greater Burlington area of Vermont, please consider hosting a pair of students for a week or two in July, 2016.  We offer a stipend to help offset grocery and transportation expenses. We would love to hear from you.  Host families and students stay in touch for many years following a program.   If you haven't hosted a student before, don't worry - we will guide you through it and you will be great! You can download details: DescriptionHostFam2016 HF FAQ HF Options2016 or:

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