Hi Parents! Just to be clear - you won't be enrolled in these programs with your student! However, we do include you as a participant because you get to decide whether your student attends. It is great to have you here!  You are probably looking for more information on Green Across The Pacific, which programs we offer and if it is a good program for your student.  Well, we have a few questions for you.
    • Do you think your child would be interested in our program? If so, send them to our website and have investigate for themselves. They can read all the info, create a profile, interact with other students (moderated) and check out our image galleries from previous summer environmental programs.  Pretty cool, right?
    • You may be wondering if your child can afford to go.  If you don't have the financial ability to support your child in attending, don't worry.  We offer financial support to qualified students through our application process.  The cost for each program can be found here.
    • Is this program safe?  Is there a schedule?  Are there chaperones? We have plenty of local and visiting chaperones to watch out for your children.  The schedule we have prepared will keep your student busy while they are traveling abroad, and our environmental focus ensures that they will see beautiful countryside along the way.
    • This program is an opportunity for your student to learn about another culture, location and environment.  They can use this program for high school credits, and it will look great on their college application!

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