IMG_0037   Hey all! Green Across the Pacific is awesome and here is why! - China is an emerging giant among nations and intercultural understanding is of increasing importance and interest to the United States - It is of critical importance for America’s future leaders need to know how to communicate effectively with others around the world - Stewardship of the environment is a matter of conscience, economic viability, and a responsibility for all concerned citizens worldwide. - Hands-on learning with Chinese, Japanese and other students and their teachers is the best way to learn about culture and the challenges to the environment Americans and others have in common - To engage with Chinese, Japanese and other students around real issues at home and abroad is great fun!

Student Testimonial:

I used to have the feeling that nature is kind of an ’experiment’ for us to study, which is complicated and fragile. Now I know that we belong to each other. Kong Youxin - Guangzhou, China

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