Student Testimonials

What some students have said about Green Across the Pacific


"The ecology was special to see and experience.  Now I know much about the Chinese students and their culture.  My host family and I exchanged gifts.  Their hospitality was so gracious, now I am indebted to return the favor.  As we walked outside it struck me that we were not going to see these students again.  I tried to lock faces into my mind."

Benjamin Calvi- Vermont, USA


 "Green Across the Pacific changed my life forever.  It opened a window of the world full of mysteries and joyfulness for me.  From Che Baling Nature Reserve in South China to the New England region, there [we] left our footprints.  Not only did I learn biology knowledge and scientific research methods, but I also developed strong affection and lifelong friendship with American friends."

Zhang Ying- Guangdong, China


"And never have I forgotten the views of Vermont.  One is of town, like Church Street.  And the other is nature.  Vermont has many people, but town lines have the same taste.  I know that it’s hard to protect nature.  So, I respect the people who help preserve it.  When I saw the wetlands for the first time!  'Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!' I thought.  I’ll visit Vermont once again!!"

Shieri Okawabata- Tottori, Japan


 "It was quite honestly one of the best ways I have ever spent time and I consider it an incredible opportunity for anyone to participate in."

Shannon Corliss- Vermont, USA


"Thank you for your GATP program.  It gave me the opportunity to see the USA, thereby expanding my international perspective.  I can say, without the GATP, my endeavored goal must be totally different."

Wu Jiaxin- Guangdong, China


"Without this experience I would only be an environmental protection supporter who is of emotion but without action....  I might not obtain the insight of transformation and might be still lost in the fog of reputation"

Chen Liyan- Guangdong, China


"I am attending classes at UVM now....  One of my classes is called Natural Resources, Race & Culture.  For the first month all of my lectures dealt with issues I had witnessed first hand in China."

Kiley Briggs- Vermont, USA


"Finally I really want to say GATP is more than great!!! I will never forget such an amazing experience, and hope to go to Vermont before long!"

Chen Ying- Guangdong, China


"I had a really good experience in Vermont. And I could know many things about there. For example, how beautiful the sky, how grand the environment, how kind the people (I am so thankful for them!) and so on. They made me love Vermont. I can never forget this experience in Vermont."

Kagata Haruka- Tottori, Japan


 “This program can change your life in most unexpected ways.  When I got back, I found myself with a completely different view on some ideas which I had firmly believed in the past, such as protesting government action, individualism, existentialism, urban naturalism, democracy and expression. This is a great program for anyone seeking to better understand the world.”

Benjamin Weber- Vermont, USA


 “I'm interested in education. So it was interesting to go to local high school and visit universities. There were many differences between American school and Japanese one.  It was surprising.  I was fascinated the atmosphere of American school.  I also enjoyed Keeping Track. It was my first time to go hiking.  I realized that how wonderful nature was.  My best memory is home stay.  My home stay was fantastic.  For me, everything was new.  I experienced great American culture a lot.  My host family was very kind. Thanks to them, I enjoyed everything. Thank you very much.  Through this program, I love US more and more.  I want to visit again.  I love Vermont!"

Yuko Ueta- Tottori, Japan


"In Tottori, I was amazed by the friendliness and hospitality of everyone we met.  This especially shone through during our visits to the schools.  At each one, we were treated with kindness and enthusiasm.  At Tottori Nishi High School, after participating in an English class I was guided around the school by three wonderful students.  We saw Kendo and Kyudo practice and then went to the library, where we found a corner and read a book in both Japanese and English.  It was fun to see both the differences and similarities between American and Japanese schools.  I also loved the gardens everywhere.  I think that the integration of agriculture with every day life in Tottori is a great model for Vermont."

Aaron Wagener- Vermont, USA


 "It has really struck me since I've been here what a big deal the Green Across the Pacific exchange program is to these kids.  It seems that living in Vermont with host families has really given them a warm impression of Americans.  A lot of them miss Ben & Jerry's....  I'm grateful that you've worked so hard at connecting so many lives."

Jacob Merkel- Vermont, USA

Jake wrote this about his Chinese students while teaching in Guangzhou, China; a place that he had visited with GATP as a high school student and to which he later returned to teach English for two years after college.


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